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Today marks the start of the Journalism Matters campaign – a weeklong campaign to highlight the importance of reliable reporting – bigger than ever in the past 20 months.

Here at the Liverpool Echo, we have a long and proud history of campaign journalism, government accountability and telling the stories of remarkable people on Merseyside.

Our goal is to inform, examine, celebrate our great urban area and also to inspire and entertain – we’ve all been through tough times and making our readers smile is an important part of what we do.

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Times have changed and we know you read the Echo in our award-winning newspaper, on our free, customizable website or app, through our industry newsletters, or through your favorite social media platforms. And many of you tell us what you think in our comments section.

We want to be where you want to be so that we can provide you with the most recent and urgent news from across our region.

The investment means we now have dedicated and talented teams covering key areas such as Wirral, Sefton and St Helens. We have a new photographer joining our talented photographic team renowned for their award-winning images and a regenerating reporter focused on examining how our urban region emerges from the pandemic in the best health possible.

The journalists recently named through our collaboration with Facebook focus on covering the region’s LGBT + communities and the city’s most ethnically diverse L8 postcode.

News Media Association President Henry Faure Walker said: “The value of trusted journalism to society has never been more clearly demonstrated than in the past 18 months.

“During difficult and uncertain times, people have turned to the media for information they can trust. Without journalists trained to uncover the truth, all that remains is the twists and turns of the authorities, disinformation and fake news on social platforms.

“I shudder at the idea of ​​a world in which it is impossible to distinguish fact from fiction. But, without journalism, this is the world we would all live in. Not only do we report the facts, but we actively campaign on the issues that matter to you and push for meaningful change.

“It’s a role we value in the industry, and we won’t stop championing your causes and delivering results for you; the public that we are here to serve. The pandemic has brought uncertainty and profound challenges to all of our lives.

“But now is the time to envision a future in which journalism has a renewed place in our lives. That’s why we’re celebrating journalism through the Journalism Matters campaign taking place this week.

Culture Secretary Nadie Dorries said: “We live in the digital age, and one of the biggest issues in my baccalaureate as Culture Secretary is ensuring that major media platforms social networks protect their users from online dangers, including misinformation.

“We have introduced an innovative online security bill that will make us one of the first countries in the world to force tech companies to clean up their sites.

“But, crucially for journalists, this bill will also prevent social media companies from arbitrarily removing content from respected news organizations. And, best of all, it includes extremely important protections and exemptions for journalists, so that we can protect their freedom of expression while forcing social media platforms to properly control their sites.

“We also need to make sure that news publishers and big tech compete on a level playing field – and we’ve put in place a new competition unit to ensure that the most powerful tech giants do not abuse their dominance to disadvantage the companies that rely on them. “

Liverpool Echo Editor-in-Chief Maria Breslin said: “We truly believe journalism matters and we are totally focused on serving Liverpool and the city region. We know how important trusted journalism has been to our audiences during the pandemic.

“Now we are with you as we emerge from the last 20 unprecedented months. Your concerns, your hopes and your dreams are ours.

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