This beloved seafood chain makes a comeback after bankruptcy – eat this, not that

Beloved, family-friendly seafood chain The Lost Cajun is making a steady comeback after the pandemic bankrupted it and forced it to shut down several locations.

In April of last year, the okra and seafood concept ended up filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, reporting liabilities of over $ 1.4 million and assets of approximately $ 338,000. While it operated two dozen branches in seven states, the chain’s franchisees suffered significant losses and announced they might be forced to close their restaurants.

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However, the channel went out of bankruptcy on December 7 and it is far from being the end of the road for the regional darling and his fans. The company said it had not experienced any restaurant losses during the pandemic. While it closed three locations in Texas and one in Colorado permanently, it was also successful in opening four locations in both states and South Carolina.

Courtesy of The Lost Cajun

And the chain still has growth in the works. Two more stores are slated to open earlier this year, one in Rancho Cucamonga, Calif., And one in downtown Florence, SC, bringing the chain’s total to 26 restaurants. In addition, the company plans to continue growing with six to eight new locations per year, according to a spokesperson.

The chain started out as a family affair, founded by Raymond “Griff” Griffin and his wife Belinda in Colorado in 2010. The entrepreneurial couple used century-old recipes for okra, fried fish platters and po ‘ boys to develop the chain’s menu with a traditional Cajun twist. The first franchisee was integrated in 2015.

the lost Cajun shrimp po boy
Courtesy of The Lost Cajun

“I could never have imagined that what started out as a fun idea to bring authentic Cajun food and culture to Colorado would become such a beloved brand,” Griffin said. “Fortunately, with the support of our corporate team, franchisees and most importantly our guests, we have been able to successfully navigate COVID-19. Today, we are well positioned for significant growth in 2022 and beyond. “

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