The North Bay Business Journal wins 13 journalism awards in California

The North Bay Business Journal won 13 journalism awards for its work in 2021 in categories including writing, general excellence, layout and design, the California News Publishers Association announced May 27.

The awards represent the most awards the publication has ever won in the annual CNPA competition.

In some categories, contest judges noted what stood out to them in the story. Writer Susan Wood’s story on the 20th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks, including the attack on the Twin Towers in New York, including an interview with the parents of a young man who lost his life.

The contest judge wrote: “You have managed to pay an honorable and appropriate tribute to Paul, to all those who have been affected and continue to be affected by the attacks.”

Commenting on writer Cheryl Sarfaty’s story about how toxic microaggressions can be in the workplace, a judge said, “The entry does a great job of explaining how microaggressions can be toxic to workplace cultures, especially when they affect historically marginalized groups.

Commenting on the awards, Anthony Borders, the magazine’s editor and event content manager, said: “What the judges saw is what we are working to ensure that our readers and visitors to the website see every day – a determined effort by our team to cover the various issues of importance. to our business community.

“It’s such an honor to see the North Bay Business Journal being recognized for its high quality business journalism,” said Lorez Bailey, Publisher. “What makes this recognition even more special is that it recognizes, during last year’s COVID-19 crisis, our commitment to covering the topics and news that were critically important to the North Bay business community. .”

The CNPA honored the Business Journal with the following awards.

Agricultural reports

Cheryl Sarfaty, fifth place

“Drought Calls for Desperate Measures from Northern California Farmers”

Judge’s comment: “The lede really catches you – a guy who is retiring from the business over water issues. There are a lot of things in this story. I wonder if it could have been split into more than one? Farmers, winegrowers, etc. Good reading.

recent news

Susan Wood, second place

“Dry winter forecast worries North Bay water agencies and farmers”

Business news coverage

Susan Wood, first place

“Petaluma is part of NASA’s historic effort to land the first woman on the moon”

Judge’s Comment: “A spirited, well-written story about North Bay’s ties to NASA’s upcoming mission to land a woman on the moon for the first time. The story is well organized, with energetic and emotional quotes. The front page design is engaging.

Cheryl Sarfaty, second

“The Legal and Moral Dangers of Bias and ‘Microaggressions’ for the Workplace”

Judge’s comment: “Sophisticated and clearly written piece following a major story about a black female executive who resigned from the Sonoma County Economic Development Board, citing ‘racial bias and microaggression.’ The entry does a great job of explaining how microaggressions can prove toxic to workplace cultures, especially when they affect historically marginalized groups. “

Coverage of the COVID-19 pandemic

Cheryl Sarfaty, third

“Wine Country’s tourism workforce seeks new careers as pandemic blocks opportunities”

Company news article or series

Kathryn Reed, first place

“The power of plants: as the appetite for vegan products grows, some producers of animal products are crying foul”

Judge’s comment: “Beautiful explanatory journalism that reveals facts to readers that they may not have known. It should inspire people to look at grocery store food aisles in a whole new way.

Cheryl Sarfaty, third

“Marin County gets lift for sick kids”

Judge’s comment: “This is a very enjoyable story with some great quotes and a fresh take on a particularly cool emergency room.”


Susan Wood, third place

“Wildfire danger increases demand for commercial grazing services”

Judge’s comment: “It was an interesting, well-written and in-depth story.”

Profile History

Cheryl Sarfaty, fifth place

“How this Napa entrepreneur is running 2 restaurants during the pandemic”

Judge’s comment: “This profile really gives an honest insight into the struggle entrepreneurs face in the COVID-19 economy. Well done!”


Susan Wood, fifth place

“20 Years Later: 9/11: A Time of Reflection, Loss, United Front for North Bay Financiers, Affected Loved Ones”

Judge’s comment: “The quote that says Paul Sloan’s mother says her son will always be 26 is extremely touching. That alone brought me back. It puts a face on the loss, it puts the words of a mother on the loss, on all the losses. I will never forget that very tragic day. It’s a unique perspective on financiers and 9/11. You have paid honorable and fitting tribute, Paul, to all those affected and continue to be affected by the attacks. I also like the Hennessy story. What a great read here.

Inner page layout and design

Steve Musal, first place

California tourism industry tackles climate change

Steve Musal, second

Leadership starts with trust and collaboration

General Excellence

Susan Wood, Cheryl Sarfaty, Jeff Quackenbush and Steve Musal, third place

February 1st and February 8, 2021problems

Judge’s Comment: “North Bay Business Journal knows how to promote itself with great in-house ads that feature content that stands out. The local hotel development infographic was the best infographic in this category. Lots of news from people. Questions strong themes.

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