The Jewish Journal wins top prize at Journalism Awards

Last month, Jewish Journal writers won prestigious journalism awards at the 64th Southern California Journalism Awards, presented by the Los Angeles Press Club, and the 41st Simon Rockower Awards, presented by the American Jewish Press Association.

Columnist Tabby Refael won first place in the commentary category at the Southern California Journalism Awards for her article “Want to know what will become of Afghanistan?” Ask Iranian women.

The Jewish Journal’s publisher and editor, David Suissa, won third place in the same category with his column “How do you fight anti-Semitism?” With Arab Israelis.

The Los Angeles Press Club also honored Suissa with second place in the columnist category and Refael with second place in the humor/satire category for her article “Beverly Hills, What a Thrill”.

The Jewish Journal won in multiple categories at the 41st Annual Simon Rockower Awards. Refael received first place in the category of excellence in the category of simple comments for his article “Thank you, progressive Jews, for the defense of Israel in difficult spaces”.

She also won first place in the excellence category for writing on anti-Semitism with her column “The Time Iran Sheltered Jews during the Holocaust” and first place in the excellence category for writing on senior citizens for her article. “There’s Something About Mary”. In the review/review category, she won the award for her review, “The Children’s Book Combines the Wisdom of the Talmud with the Ancient Poetry of Rumi.”

Suissa landed first place for “Honoring the Departed,” a column that earned her an Excellence in Personal Essay Award.

Kylie Ora Lobell won first place in the David Frank Award for Excellence in the Personality Profile category for her cover story about Mayim Bialik titled “Mayim Bialik: Keeping Her Cool in Hollywood.”

Julie Gruenbaum Fax won first place in the Excellence in Topical Obituaries category with “Iraqi Survivor Ruth Pearl, 85, Fostered Harmony and Understanding in Memory of Son Daniel Pearl”, and Thane Rosenbaum received an honorable mention in the award Louis Rapoport for Excellence in Commentary. Jonathan Kirsch received an honorable mention in the critic/review category for his article “‘Squirrel Hill’ Shows Violence Against Jews Can Happen Anywhere”.

The Journal’s top six awards at the Rockower Awards represent a notable improvement over the previous year, when it won two.

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