The extended horizons of digital journalism

Journalism is the means by which important national and international information is gathered, accessed, created and presented in news form. It is a process that is more than just a report. Journalists not only investigate a particular event or incident, but also attempt to uncover or divulge the hidden truths behind the story.

Whether you’ve been watching the breaking news this morning on the news channels, reading the daily newspaper, or browsing the reports or reports on the internet, you witness all the different forms of journalism.

For your understanding, some of the benefits of online journalism are listed below:

Ubiquitous and easy to access: It is a form of media accessible on your mobile, your PC, your laptop or your tablets any place and anytime according to your convenience. It offers easy access to the latest news or information, whether it’s midnight or early morning. It further gives you the advantage of accessing the story in the forest, on the mountains or any corner or larger part of the globe. Whereas compared to other media modes which have limited circulation and are restricted to certain areas only.

Profitability: While we have to pay to read newspapers, other print resources or journals, and distribution channels, to access the online or digital form of information, you don’t have to pay anything except Internet charges. , which have also become much too low nowadays. This is why accessing digital journalism is not that hard on your pocket because all you need is a data connection on your system and you are good to go.

Instant and Timely Updates: Online sources are continuously updated in real time, which means that you will have all of the most recent and relevant coverage on current issues in the world. This gives digital journalism a significant advantage over print media, where you have to wait the next 24 hours for updates or the most recent editions.

Source of Syndicated Marketing: Online reports are also a huge source of marketing for all industries. It provides the most convenient way to reach the maximum number of potential consumers or audiences in no time.

Possibility to read: Online resources and data shared through digital journalism provide the public with the ability to choose from stories or covers of their own interests or preferences. This is therefore more appreciated by the public because they do not have to waste time on news or information that does not concern them.

Highly interactive: Digital or online journalism can make news very interactive for the public by incorporating videos into articles alongside news and pictures or images. It is quite impossible to insert the videos into the log as they are physical and not editable.

More economical: The online mode of information is more economical for news providers and sources than other media of journalism.

Open notice: Online journalism allows the public to share their views and opinions on the general issue on the portal. It helps to know the user interface and also helps agencies to better understand their audiences. But in the case of other modes, no such option is available to find out the interest, views and preferences of their viewer.

Global reach: Digital journalism is very helpful in breaking down geographic barriers and expanding information horizons around the world.

As you can see, the field of digital journalism offers many advantages over other forms of journalism and is therefore gradually establishing itself as the preferred mode of access to news and information for the computer savvy generation. As such, the field has become a highly sought after career field and offers massive and lucrative career opportunities.

(The author is the Senior Director of the Institute of Management Studies (IMS) Noida and Alumni of Harvard University (HKS))

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