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At the end of October, an email regarding registration popped up on my screen and I quickly opened it to find that freshman registration was November 18th. However, the list of courses for spring 2023 was already available.

With too many courses to choose from, I spent the rest of the afternoon browsing the course catalog self-serve page.

Here are my highlights as a journalism student, and some mind-blowing courses for those uninterested in the world of media.

As a print/web journalism major, most of my research is related to communications and journalism. Ranging from Visual Aesthetics (CJN-152), to TV Studio Production (CJN-356) and Suffolk TV News (CJN-483), the CJN department has prepared many engaging courses for the upcoming semester.

World Cinema (CJN-255) is the CJN/Diverse Perspective (SGCP) course that immediately caught my eye. The ability to get off the beaten path by watching and analyzing foreign films seems like a great way to explore new cultures and see the world from a different perspective without leaving the classroom.

Although I love the field of journalism, I am a shy person by nature, so Principles of Oral Communication (CJN-105) was not my number one choice for the next semester. Still, it looks like this course will help me overcome my anxiety about public speaking. I’d rather write, though, but college is about getting out of our comfort zones and facing our fears. Is not it?

Think Small: Change The World (CI-187) is a Spring 2023 Creativity and Innovation (CI) Core Course in Nanoscience that sounds so interesting that it’s on my list, and I’m not even not a STEM major. The course is literally “learning by doing”, and designing nanostructures has never been so exhilarating. One thing is certain: nanotechnology is the future.

Yet the old habit of writing never goes out of style. Poetry Out Loud (CI-115), also a CI requirement, is a course that will explore 20th century poetry and enhance communication through read-aloud performances. Writing poetry is a beautiful way to express feelings and let emotions flow.

As much as I admire people who are good at chemistry, I could never get an A or a B in a class about it. However, the required core CI course Chemistry is Everywhere (CI-165) aims to challenge students to develop new, engaging methods of teaching and learning chemistry. This course didn’t even make my top 10, but it might be intriguing for those who understand the periodic table.

The Department of Political Science is offering a Politics and Religion course (POLS-208) this spring where it will be possible to see how the two merge and the influence of religion in politics. In a world where polarization and extremism are constantly present, it is important to understand how politics and religion should be respected.

Feminist Philosophy (PHIL-228) and African Philosophy (PHIL-330) are courses I immediately set my eyes on when looking for courses to meet my minor requirements. While PHIL-228 will examine feminist perspectives on philosophy, PHIL-330 is a dive into African philosophy. Both courses cover extremely valuable and engaging topics that society barely touches on.

There are many other spring courses on the most diverse subjects and majors. However, each class must correspond not only to our interests, but also to our schedule. What I found impressive and crucial in the course catalog is the large number of courses available from early morning until late evening. This allows us to have more flexibility and less stress with course conflicts on our schedules.

Overall, the course list for Spring 2023 looks promising. Many innovative and compelling courses await you. If we plan all of our schedules carefully, we can choose the classes that interest us the most and hopefully be successful in them. The next step is registration, and when spring rolls around, we’ll find out if these courses are really all they promised to be.

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