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An unplanned and difficult pregnancy led to Carlazjion Contant from Smyrna, Tennessee, to the brink of financial ruin BankruptcyHQ.

Her health insurance with a high deductible provided almost no coverage for the additional visits to an obstetrician for her at-risk pregnancies. When the bills of $5,000 were due last year, a real estate firm began to garnish her salary for a broken lease she signed during college , a decade ago.

“I have a kid. It’s like, I’m not able to do this,” said Constant, who is employed as medical assistant in a pediatric clinic. “Something needs to be done. There must be a solution.”

She came across the Brooklyn-based non-profit Upsolve which assists consumers make use of bankruptcy laws to benefit.

Medical expenses are typically the reason people are forced into personal bankruptcy, though it’s not often being considered to be the biggest family debt. They are, however, often unanticipated. One in five U.S. households are on the hook for owing medical bills According to U.S. Census Bureau, with higher percentages of the South in states that aren’t expanding Medicaid to include the poor and working class.

When Constant 31, 31, began researching Chapter 7 bankruptcy, though she was aware that lawyers could be able to charge her up to $1,500.

“To be debt free I’m going back to the debt cycle,” she said. “It was completely bizarre for me.”

The bankruptcy process is a last resort option however, the reset financial button isn’t in reach for many since the process of declaring bankruptcy is costly. The majority of people choose one of the two options available under the bankruptcy laws of the United States to eliminate the burden of debt. Chapter 7 bankruptcy is intended for people who do not have a lot of assets to secure. It basically cancels the majority of debts , but not always student loans. It is the other option that is most frequently used, Chapter 13, often establishes repayment plans.

Constant’s search on the internet for a more affordable solution brought to her finding the Upsolve website which allows users to download a no-cost application that assists them in filing without the cost that comes with employing an attorney. The users still have to pay a $335 court filing cost, but the app allows them to in requesting that the fee be removed.

“Those legal fees are similar to modern-day poll taxes” stated co-founder, CEO and co-founder Rohan Pavuluri. “If you aren’t able to pay the cost then you won’t be able to access the right which is supposed to be protected.”

The app is referred to as”the “TurboTax in bankruptcy.” In answering questions in simple English via the app, users are able to add their financial details to more than two dozen forms needed to file bankruptcy in federal courts.

To provide the service for free The non-profit receives government funds in addition to funds from foundations that are charitable and famous Silicon Valley names, such as the former Google Chief Executive Officer Eric Schmidt.

Since the organization’s inception in the year 2018, according to the organization it has gotten rid of over $440 million in debt.

In addition to simplifying the process, Pavuluri has said he’s working to de-stigmatize bankruptcy. He believes it’s seen as a moral blunder, however, bankruptcy is commonly employed strategically in business to make a fresh beginning.

“We would like to empower every day Americans to have the same tools that most wealthy people and the largest corporations in America are equipped with,” he said.

There are worriesand not just from bankruptcy lawyers concerning making filing for bankruptcy too simple that it is easy to overlook the consequences. The advice given by attorneys is of an actual value, says Tennessee attorney for bankruptcy Cynthia Podis.

“The medical debts you’re facing currently could just be only the only tip of the iceberg” she explained, citing an example of a customer who is under the burden of the payment of $20,000 in medical bills for a first round of chemotherapy. “But you’re aware that in 4 or 5 years you’ll be paying $150,000 of treatment for cancer. It’s possible that you don’t need to start Chapter 7 right now.” Chapter 7 right now.”

Chapter 7 is only available one time every 8 years. If debt continues to grow, Chapter 7 isn’t an option for a long time.

The bankruptcy process also ruins credit for many years which makes it difficult to be eligible for a conventional credit card or a lease.

Erin Akery, who provides free financial counseling through The United Way of Greater Nashville She said bankruptcy isn’t a good option for all. Its cost, although often prohibitive, requires those who are burdened by debt to think about the benefits in Chapter 7.

“That might not be good for those looking for an instant, easy solution, but this isn’t the best option for those people,” she said. “If the people don’t need to conduct a cost-benefit calculation, more people will file bankruptcy, even though they ought not to.”

However, the consequences that financial loans have on the economy are likely to increase in the wake of the covid-19 epidemic, with a particular negative impact for Black Americans. The data from Upsolve shows that almost half of African American users cite the covid-19 virus as the main reason they file. In contrast, less than 40 percent of white users attribute to covid as their primary reason.

Medical debt is now the largest portion of personal debt. Upsolve discovered that the average user was carrying around $7,000 in medical debt prior to the pandemic and a year later, after the pandemic, this number had more than tripled.

Even financial counselors like Akery who see Chapter 7 the “nuclear option” claim it could be an effective tool.

“That stigma stops many from taking the plunge, even though they could profit from it and come out on the different side having a prosperous financial and long-term financial plan,” she said. “But there are those who do it there are those who declare bankruptcy every 8 years.”

Six months after Constant’s Chapter 7 filing, she declared that she had no regrets. The only issue she had after avoiding an attorney was that it was on her to inform all her creditors. However, the app was able to generate the documents on autopilot and also sent her instructions.

“I’m happy to have an opportunity to start over,” she said, saying that she’s determined to “make it count.”