Stevie Nicks shares diary entry urging people to wear masks



Stevie Nicks told a weirdly premonitory story of his time american horror story in a diary entry shared on Twitter – she also urged people to wear masks as the Covid-19 pandemic continues to spread.

The entry is dated August 10, and Nicks posted it on Twitter Tuesday evening 11, starting with the couplet: “We still have our freedom. But we don’t have a lot of time. The musician then noted the peak of more than 22,000 Covid-19-related deaths between her July 29 diary entry and the most recent one.

Nicks spoke of the politicization of mask-wearing and social distancing while noting that the virus itself “is not political”, calling it a “silent killer hiding in the shadows”. She also cited the long-term sequelae that are starting to emerge in Covid survivors, from microblood coughs to neurological problems to constant coughing.

“As I understand it, I will probably never sing again,” Nicks wrote. “Put me on a fan and I’ll be hoarse for the rest of my life. I don’t have much time… I’m 72 years old.

Regarding the american horror story In comparison, Nicks noted that in a recent season of the show, an apocalypse is unfolding above the ground and only the wealthiest people were able to take shelter in place under the ground. While the story itself was compelling, Nicks says she “felt the gravity of it even then… When these characters ventured out just for a moment, they were wearing their hazmat suits and masks. black gas, no questions asked. I found that terrifying. It was the end of the world. “

She continued, “What’s going on in our country now is a real ‘American horror story.’ No one is leading us. No one has a plan. Unless people change their attitude – ‘Oh, it’s so disappointing to stay indoors and wear a mask and follow the rules and not party “- we’ll never get rid of the virus.”

Nicks concluded with a broad message, but one that also specifically addressed the devastating impact of the pandemic on live music. “This virus can kill you,” she wrote. “It can kill me. Kill my chances of putting on those boots and hitting the road. Kill the odds that one of us in the music community will ever return to the stage, because we will never put you in danger, never take your life for granted.


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