Rutherglen Reformer again calls on MP Margaret Ferrier to resign

A weekly has reiterated its call for a female MP to resign after she was found guilty of breaking coronavirus rules.

The Rutherglen Reformer has urged Margaret Ferrier to resign after admitting culpably and recklessly exposing the public to the virus.

The former Scottish National Party MP, who now represents Rutherglen and Hamilton West as an independent, broke Covid rules by traveling on a train between Scotland and London after being ordered to self-isolate in September 2020.

At the time, the reformer called on her to resign over the scandal in an open letter published on the front page – a call repeated last week following her guilty plea at Glasgow Sheriff Court.

Former reformist editor Douglas Dickie had his say on the matter in a column for the Scottish Daily Expresswhere he now works as a content editor.

Douglas wrote: ‘I followed her throughout the 2015 general election campaign, I covered an election campaign when she notoriously botched a comment on ‘full fiscal autonomy’ and I was there when she won a landslide victory over highly respected Labor MP Tom Greatrex.

“It was one of the biggest shockers of a night to remember and I still remember one opponent joking ‘Margaret better get her dancing shoes ready’ when I asked how the count was going.”

He added: ‘Rutherglen has been home to some fantastic politicians but the town ended up with a lame duck MP. She hung on and the time to stop is long past.

“But she has one last chance to do the decent thing. Her time as MP is up, the people of Rutherglen and Hamilton West deserve better.

Ms Ferrier previously spoke to the Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards and Police about the matter and said she “deeply regrets” his actions.

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