Rotherham Advertiser reporter honored for local story coverage

A weekly newspaper reporter won a civic honor for his coverage of local history.

Gareth Dennison received the Sheila Cameron Trophy from the Rotherham District Civic Society for leading the nostalgic features of the Rotherham Advertiser.

The award is given for outstanding service in recognizing and celebrating Rotherham’s history – corresponding to the ideals of civil society.

During Covid, l’Annonceur began to regularly distribute double pages highlighting various aspects of the borough’s heritage.

Rotherham Advertiser journalist and history columnist Gareth Dennison was presented with the Sheila Cameron Trophy by Rotherham Civic Society Treasurer Bernard Fletcher

Speaking last week, Gareth said: “It started as a way to fill space when lockdown meant fewer events and adverts appeared in the newspaper.

“But the level of support and interest in this series has allowed us to continue with in-depth weekly features.

“We expected it to last a few months, but this week’s article is number 128, for anyone counting.

“This has only been made possible by the positive reaction we have had from readers, and the support and suggestions we have received to continue to dive into Rotherham’s rich history.

“It’s wonderful to be recognized by civil society, who have been great supporters and a source of knowledge throughout.”

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