Newsquest’s editorial boss hails ‘editorial stars of the future’

An editorial manager hailed the “editorial stars of the future” in a program linked to a learning campaign.

newsquest presented prizes to schoolchildren who have participated in its annual Young Reporter program, which offers students the opportunity to have their work published in its regional titles.

The program has been running in schools in London and the South East of England since 2008, but was extended earlier this year to cover the whole of England.

As part of the expansion, Newsquest has revealed plans that could see the publisher hire journalists directly from the school to undertake apprenticeship programs lasting between 18 months and four years.

At the awards ceremony, London school pupils Edwin John and Avneet Sapal, pictured above, were crowned this year’s best reporters.

Toby Granville, Director of Editorial Development at Newsquest, was one of the presenters at the ceremony.

He said: “I was thrilled to be part of the awards ceremony and I’m sure many of the winners and runners-up will be future stars of our newsrooms.

The winning students also shared their ambitions following their work on the device.

Avneet, who won Group of the Year 12/13, said: “As an aspiring journalist, I am very grateful to the Young Reporter Scheme for giving me insight into the journalism industry.

“By participating in the program, I not only improved my writing skills, but also developed a greater appreciation for my region.

“From the closure of one of Brick Lane’s oldest leather shops to the inspiring story of a local dance teacher, I’ve loved sharing news from my community.

“Having used my research and interview skills, I feel much more confident about a future career in journalism and have therefore found the program very rewarding.”

Edwin, the 10/11 winner of the year, completed the program for the second consecutive year.

He added, “The Young Reporters Program has given me a very enjoyable experience over the past two years.

“The skills I developed while writing for an online newspaper will prove invaluable in the future and I am grateful to have had this opportunity to experience the world of journalism.

“I would recommend the program to anyone who is passionate about writing and eager to explore a different style of writing than what they may be familiar with.”

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