News Corp’s shoddy ‘journalism’ dominates Press Council complaints again

Australia’s media watchdog found that more than two-thirds of all upheld complaints of breaches of the media code of ethics in 2021 were against News Corp, reports Alan Austin.

AUSTRALIANS WILL BE SAFER, healthier, happier and much better informed when Rupert Murdoch’s malevolent media empire finally comes to an end.

This seems to be last year’s post arbitrations by the Australian Press Council (APC).

the sun herald published an article at the end of 2020 titled:

“Pfizer COVID Vaccine Allergy Warning.”

The assertive bolded dramatic subtitle “SIX PEOPLE DIED DURING THE PFIZER TRIAL”. Those who read further learned that two of the deceased had taken the vaccine, but the other four had taken the placebo.

After a complaint that such deception endangers the safety of the community, the APC ruled this:

“…by implying in the headline that the deaths were or could have been due to the vaccine, the publication has taken no steps to ensure that the facts are not misleading…”

The Australian released a cartoon in August 2020 that drew then-US presidential candidate Joe Biden saying ‘it’s time to heal a nation divided by racism’ followed by ‘So I’m gonna hand you over to that little brunette girl while I’m going to lay down’.

APC slammed The Australian final this:

‘…the prejudice against women and especially women of color to which the cartoon contributes is considerable…’

The Sunday Telegraph published an appallingly racist article in June 2020 dealing with the Black Lives Matter black protests and deaths in custody.

The article said:

“The reality in this country – and in the United States – is that the greatest danger to Aborigines and Negroes is themselves [and that until] we address this issue, protests overwhelming white police officers are nebulous.”

The board find this:

“…the article relied on factual evidence about deaths and domestic violence among Indigenous peoples unrelated to police behavior or deaths in custody.”

Additionally, he omitted:

“Reference to well-documented societal factors that contribute to Indigenous community and family dysfunction, including unemployment and poverty, substandard housing and overcrowding, and poor education and health…”

The APC concluded that the Murdoch newspaper “failed to take reasonable steps to avoid causing serious offense, distress or harm, without sufficient justification in the public interest”.

The Australian, it seems, just can’t get over his burning hatred for former prime minister Kevin Rudd. An article in its print and online editions falsified Rudd’s substantial achievements on Australia-China relations.

Scott Morrison lays blame for vaccine rollout with planned PR strategy

He asserted:

“The decision by Rudd and his then Foreign Secretary, Stephen Smith, to unilaterally kill the Quad [Quadrilateral Dialogue between the USA, Japan, India and Australia] in 2008, to please Beijing, was one of the most senseless and counterproductive foreign policy moves of any modern Australian government.

PCA sentenced the article exhaustively, concluding that the Rudd government did not “kill” the Quad, unilaterally or otherwise. The other vicious attacks on Rudd were also not accurate. He concluded that The Australian violated media standards for truthfulness in several respects.

Murdoch the main culprit

Once again, last year, the APC devoted most of its time to complaints against the only media outlet: the Murdoch family. press company.

Of the 27 complaints that were fully investigated, 19 related to Murdoch’s publications. It’s 70%. Of the twenty articles that violated the standards, 14 were from News Corp. Also 70%.

The last time IA analyzed APC results, as of September 2020, only 62% of unwanted results came from Murdoch outlets. So it looks like they are getting worse, not better.

Specific standards ransacked

The APC found that Murdoch’s 14 offending articles violated its principles 24 times. Principle 1 – ensure that the facts are correct – was violated five times. Principle 3 – fair opinions based on accurate facts – eight times. Principle 4 – grant a fair right of reply – twice.

Principle 5 – do not publish the method and location of a suicide – was also violated twice. Principle 6 – prevent offence, distress or risk to health and safety – was violated seven times.

It’s really appalling.

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The path to follow

It is depressing that after 46 years of pressure from the Press Council over the deliberate deceptions of News Corp, there is hope. What the APC is trying to achieve with public censorship and newspapers like meA continue with a detailed factual analysis, others attempt with satire and humor.

APC’s final judgment for 2021 was one complaint directed by an investigative journalist and a YouTube comedian Jordan Shank following a malicious attack by “journalist” James O’Doherty in The Daily Telegraph.

While the APC correctly pinged The Telegraph for repeatedly violating Principle 3, he did not condemn the publication for using anonymous sources or for criticizing Shanks based on comments clearly taken out of context.

Shanks was not content with this lukewarm technical victory. He made devastating 12-minute friendlies video which tore The Telegraph and its “pathetic, shaky attack dogs who pretend to be guard dogs”.

The video incorporated factual data, creative graphics, withered ridicule and an excruciatingly embarrassing recording of O’Doherty’s phone call with Shanks’ keeper.

Shanks also made some very entertaining videos The examiner’s Rob InglissJames from Sky james morro, New and others who wrote hit plays attacking him. Shanks confirmed meA that, after his devastating responses, none of them came back for more.

While the APC has a small online following, Shanks has one of the highest in Australia. These four videos have received nearly two million views, holding the media to account.

We all have ways at our disposal to fight Murdoch’s malevolence, if only by boycotting companies that advertise in his publications. Whatever the strategy, it’s a worthy pursuit.

Alan Austin is an Australian freelance columnist and freelance journalist. You can follow him on Twitter @alanaustin001.

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