Morgan’s School of Global Journalism and Communication Launches Black Soccerlab

Black Football Lab

Morgan State University School of Journalism and Global Communication: Center for the Study of Race and Culture in Sport

BALTIMORE – March 21, 2022 – (

Morgan State University’s School of Global Journalism and Communication today announced the launch of Black SoccerLab, a think tank dedicated to the study of soccer in the African American community and across the African Diaspora.

Focusing on research, media programming and services, Black SoccerLab’s mission is to share the stories of the black soccer community and showcase its development around the world. The lab, which will operate out of the SGJC’s Center for the Study of Race and Culture in Sport, will shed light on stories, examine issues and document history.

Black SoccerLab is introduced at an unprecedented time when African Americans are identifying as soccer fans in greater numbers and participating in the sport at all levels. Morgan State Professor Edward G. Robinson III, director of the center, will manage the Black SoccerLab and support student-led projects.

“Football is loved by black people around the world, and we want to capture that enthusiasm and explore the evolution of that tradition in our research and projects,” Robinson said. “We have a tremendous opportunity to collect and disseminate information about an unexplored community. As a think tank, there are many ways to get involved. We plan to take the pulse of the black football community and share the message. »

Instrumental for Black SoccerLab’s integration into this space, the Center has partnered with advisors Akbar Majeed, founder of Concrete2Green, and Irv Smalls Jr., executive director of FC Harlem – two football executives with longstanding ties to the black football community.

“The Black SoccerLab is a groundbreaking platform for black people to drive the stories that matter to us around the world’s most popular sport and its growth in the United States,” Smalls said. “Our participation and impact in sport requires a perspective that is unique to us.”

Football is the most popular sport in the world and its roots run deep in the African diaspora. Americans, however, have traditionally passed on football.

Over the past 30 years, the sport has grown modestly in the US market, enough to support the growth of Major League Soccer. Still, many American sports fans have kept football at bay. They choose football, basketball and baseball before football.

African Americans have yet to fully embrace football. The future, however, portends another outcome. Across America, the number of black soccer players continues to grow, as evidenced by their collective increased participation in youth soccer, college soccer, Major League Soccer, and the U.S. national team. Black sports fans, who have traditionally only measured a spot on the radar, are heading to the field.

Black SoccerLab is well placed to monitor this growth. Concrete2Green’s founder, Akbar Majeed, has been actively working locally to help drive this growth.

“It’s important to us to create our own properties like Black SoccerLab that provide authentic engagement and access to the black community,” Majeed said. “I’m excited about our partnership with MSU, especially given HBCU’s rich history of being at the forefront of cultural empowerment.”

Morgan State University
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Morgan’s School of Global Journalism and Communication Launches Black Soccerlab

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