Mom shares hilarious diary entry from son criticizing his home schooling techniques during coronavirus outbreak



One in three moms has shared her eight-year-old’s assessment on her first day of home schooling during the coronavirus pandemic and it’s not good.

Candice Kennedy is locked up with her family in America and took a photo of her son Ben’s thoughts about his first attempt at playing professor.

Candice Kennedy shared her son's far from rave review of his home schooling techniques


Candice Kennedy shared her son’s far from rave review of his home schooling techniques Credit: Facebook

“This is Ben’s diary entry from Monday about our first day of ‘home school’,” she wrote on Facebook.

“That last sentence #WVNTI #imgettinthehangofitnow # maybe #kidsseeeverything # 8yearoldcalledmeout,” she tagged her post.

The hilarious and precise post went as viral as the disease that caused it.

At the time of writing, it had 33,000 likes, 11,000 comments and 225,000 shares.

She remained hysterical because of her son's harsh words


She remained hysterical because of her son’s harsh words Credit: Facebook

“This is how it goes for all of us, LOL,” one mother wrote.

“Lol everything is perfect !!!!! I’m stressed and confused and it’s not going well !!! I love it so much!” shared another.

“LOL, I wouldn’t want to see my kid’s letters,” another admitted.

“It’s about to be my students in a week when we start doing school online and their parents don’t know how to do that **,” another parent joked.

“I scream with laughter because I’ve been me all week. Lmao. Woosah. I got to the wknd,” another wrote.

“I vacuumed to relieve the stress of homeschooling yesterday. EMPTY!” disclosed another.

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