Means of payment on vacation – credit card or cash.



Which payment method is suitable for the vacation?

Which payment method is suitable for the vacation?

First of all, the anticipation is in the foreground before each holiday, and often you forget to take care of “banal” things like cash or means of payment. But money is unfortunately very important when you go to a foreign country. Because you always need a little change to get accommodation and food.

How you pay in a foreign country depends not only on your personal preference, but above all on the holiday country. While conventional giro cards are accepted without problems in some countries, a credit card is usually required for countries outside Europe. Of course there is also the possibility to pay in cash.

But problems also crystallize here, because on the one hand it is difficult to estimate the right amount of cash and on the other hand many people do not feel comfortable when they carry a large amount of cash with them. You should also note that cash is not accepted everywhere in all countries. In the United States, it may not be possible to pay everywhere with cash. Because there we mainly pay with credit cards.

country best means of payment
United States MasterCard, Visa credit card
Europe Euro, Girocard, credit card
Australia Visa, MasterCard, Australian dollars
Japan Visa, MasterCard, (Girocard), cash
China Credit card (Visa, Amex, MasterCard), cash
United Arab Emirates Credit card, girocards, cash
Africa Girocard, (credit card)
Russia Cash, in major cities credit cards / Girocards …

Use credit  cards to avoid taking large amounts

Use credit  cards to avoid taking large amounts

In general, you should get comprehensive information about the best payment methods in the respective country before you travel. In some countries, for example, you should avoid taking large amounts of cash with you (Russia, Africa, …). On the other hand, in these countries it is often only possible to withdraw money in the larger settlements.

So it is not always easy to find the right payment method and plan it appropriately. However, if you have a credit card (Visa, MasterCard) you can be sure that you can pay / get cash all over the world, even if a larger city may be necessary.

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