Home schooling diary entry says Covid-19 school is not doing well



Parents everywhere are stressed as they try to work from home, home school their children who are always under their feet and cannot lose the house. There has probably never been a time when parents have valued the ability to send their children to school safely. Now that many are homeschooling with little or no warning or time to prepare, not everyone is going so well. For a mother, stress has happened to her, at least according to her child.

Candice Hunter Kennedy of Verona, Ky., Is home schooling to her 8 year old son, Ben. As part of her home schooling, Candice asks her to write a little journal entry. On the first day of homeschooling, Ben’s journal entry was particularly apt, and when Candice shared it on Facebook, it quickly went viral.

“I am dying !!!” mom writes sharing a photo of Ben’s handwriting. “This is Ben’s diary entry from Monday about our first day of ‘homeschooling’. That last sentence.

So what did Ben write? “It’s not going well. My mom is getting stressed. My mom is really confused. We took a break so my mom could figure this stuff out. I’m telling you it’s not going well.

I am dying !!! . This is Ben’s diary entry from Monday about our first day of “homeschooling”. That last sentence. #WVNTI #imgettinthehangofitnow # maybe #kidsseeeverything # 8yearoldcalledmeout

Posted by Candice Hunter Kennedy on Thursday March 19, 2020

Since the post was shared on March 19, it has been shared 300,000 times, with 15,000 comments all empathizing with Candice’s stressful situation. And Ben’s honesty.

At least we’re not alone in all of this.


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