Holiday gift idea: Support journalism (letter) | Letters to the Editor

Are supply chain issues making it difficult to find the holiday gifts you want to buy? Does inflation give you sticker shock if you find these freebies? Are you tired of the disinformation circulating unchecked on social media? Have you lost your patience with the local TV news, which is mostly commercials for hospitals?

Here’s an idea: Support verified investigative journalism and coverage of local sports, news stories, news, and more by gifting an LNP membership to a friend, neighbor, or relative who is not currently a subscriber. Go old-fashioned and gift a print edition subscription that includes the digital version.

When you read the newspaper, you will see and read a lot more than reading online, guaranteed. (See the Customer Service section on the LancasterOnline website or call the office at 717-291-8611 for subscription information.)

In case you were wondering, I have no connection with LNP other than being a paid subscriber. I don’t like everything I see in the paper, but I really believe Lancaster is a much better place because we have a real serious everyday life. Do your part so that we don’t lose this precious resource.

Thomas simpson


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