Editor slams Lord Moylan, the ‘Prissy Baron’, after Yorkshire Post attack

A war of words has erupted between an editor of a regional daily and a Tory peer who branded his paper a “Boris hating organ”.

James Mitchinson has defended the Yorkshire Post after Lord Moylan launched an attack on the newspaper on its front page on Saturday.

The story reported on fears that Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s ‘levelling’ program was not doing enough to help the economies of rural areas in northern England.

The splash prompted Lord Moylan to share their “fears” on Twitter that Yorkshire had been “turned into a county of left-wing whiners begging for alms”.

In turn, James countered that county residents were “really fed up with sneering politicians who think they’re better than us and an awful lot of people who can’t stand liars and charlatans.”

And the argument escalated today after James wrote a “love letter for Valentine’s Day” au pair in today’s newspaper.

Post a link to the letterLord Moylan tweeted: ‘James Mitchinson loves handing it out to Tories but is surprisingly sensitive to criticism from his Boris-hating organ.

In responseJames said: ‘I don’t like handing it out to Tories’, but I will defend my team’s work against the slanderous libels of the prissy barons and will continue to fearlessly scrutinize the choices made by any Prime Minister – despite your pressure. – or favor.

In the letter, James wrote: ‘Thank you for revealing who you are and what you think of us: ‘a county of left-wing whiners begging for handouts’. I have to ask: does this feeling run through your party or is it unique to you?

“It is somewhat alarming, however, that what seems to have led you to form your offensive view of those who live in Yorkshire is our consistent, relentless and fearless campaign journalism on behalf of those who proudly call Yorkshire their home and this newspaper’s rejection of the toxic form of deceptive populist politics that has brought more scandal and disgrace to the great British Prime Minister’s office than it deserves.

The row comes after James last month said the Prime Minister was ‘no longer welcome’ at the Post following the Downing Street Parties scandal.

The Post, historically a Tory-supporting headline, demanded the departure of ministers including Chris Grayling and Gavin Williamson under James, as well as Mr Johnson more recently.

James declined to comment further on the issue when approached by HTFP.

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