‘Boris Johnson should have stuck with journalism – but he was fired from it too’ – Voice of the Mirror

Time is almost up for Boris Johnson as Prime Minister – the knives are out and the vultures are circling

Boris Johnson is on borrowed time as the leader of this country

Boris Johnson is not just a bad prime minister. He is also a useless politician.

And if he had been better at being both, he wouldn’t be in the predicament he is in today.

Now it’s too late for Johnson to do better.

Tory MPs and grassroots activists are turning against him, and very soon his cabinet will too.

This man with ambitions beyond his abilities will be relegated to the political cemetery.

Few will mourn his passing.

The relationship between the Conservative Party and its leaders has always been transactional.

The agreement is that the leader only stays in place as long as he can vote.

And when the leader lets go, the conservatives stab him in the back with ruthless admiration for Vladimir Putin.

The Tories loved Margaret Thatcher until they loved her no more and kicked her out without even a thank you for the election she won them.

They quickly silenced silent man Iain Duncan Smith because he couldn’t turn up the volume.

They laughed and danced a jig as Theresa May was dragged from Downing Street in tears.

Well, they’re not.

Boris Johnson lost it a long time ago. It just took the curators longer than usual to time it.

This newspaper was ideologically opposed to Mr Johnson from the start.

But even we were amazed at how often he not only slipped on banana peels, but peeled the bananas himself so he could put the peels under his own feet.

Any other prime minister would have seen that trying to bail dodgy Tory Owen Paterson by changing the Commons foolishness rules would be unwashable and test his party.

Any other prime minister would have seen that holding boozy parties at No 10 against Covid rules would infuriate a nation that obeyed them.

And any other Prime Minister would have seen that last week’s apology for this was six weeks too late.

Had Mr Johnson apologized when the hard work of the Mirror’s Pippa Crerar uncovered Number 10’s first two shameful shenanigans, he might have been able to get away with it.

If he had done a clean analysis of every other outrageous gathering he knew about, instead of lying and pretending, he might have been able to limit the damage.

So Mr Johnson’s failure to do so is not just appalling personal behavior, but an agonizing error of judgement.

That’s why his MPs really want to get rid of him: because he’s a political jerk.

They care more about keeping their seats in the next election than the cost of living crisis, more about their cushy jobs than our energy bills.

They sniff out Mr Johnson’s self-inflicted wounds and run around like the selfish sharks that
they are.

They saw the writing on the wall and the message reads: You will be stuffed without a new leader.

Boris Johnson should never have entered politics and stuck to journalism.

But, again, he was also fired in this profession.

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