BN Prose: My Diary Entry by Aramide Okegbenro


The room started to get hot and stuffy despite the ENT fan blowing at full speed at full throttle, I started to burst into drops of sweat. My pillow started to get wet as the hot tears started to flow endlessly. The pain was so intense even though it wasn’t my first time, but this one was different… I buried my face in the sheets trying to figure it all out.

Haaaa, Hmmmn, Hoo! Oh baby please, easy, soft, soft

Soft, deep moans filled the air, coming out like a scream, it was good but exhausting.

Jeeezzz, Whooshhh, Jeeezzz, Whooshhh

It hit me in places I couldn’t explain, in a way I couldn’t describe, my legs were shaking so much. I winced in pain and struggled to get out of bed but couldn’t; this other person seemed to have more energy, struggling to keep me in bed.

Aaaarghhh, Legbreos, Shedrix, Uderjcncn

Eh? Did I speak in tongues? The thought of it all made me laugh as my eyes moved south and I asked,
Baby are you still coming?I spoke into the sheets, my words lost in another moan.
Aargrghh Ooooohhhh

I felt like my back was carrying the weight of seven huge men. The pain in my lower abdomen was intense, I had difficulty moving. Damn, I would need to sit on a hot bucket after this session, I was such painful. I felt the tears flow into my ears.
Hmmm I can’t take this pain anymore, please come on baby come right here and now!

I tried to get up again but I couldn’t, I let out a fart followed by a pee then I felt a pop followed by a small drop. I had fifty shades of dismay.

Ah yes, ah no! Oh baby please don’t come yet

Then it kept gushing out, I found it hard to breathe through all the embarrassment, anxiety, pain and fear. My superhero walked through the door and it just reminded me of why I fell in love with him in the first place. He was always on time and knew the right words to say to make me laugh and put me at ease.

“Honey, your water just broke, I packed your bags, just try to breathe while I pull the car to the front… .. Everything will be fine my queen, smile for Papi”

All I could do was nod in approval, Adetola knew how to stay calm even in the worst situations, I said a silent prayer as he helped me get into the car. Thank God for this man who helped me regain my sanity years ago.
We had our second and last child. Yes, we both agreed to have only two children, the Nigerian economy does not like building a football team with the cost of living.

Five years ago, I had dinner as usual one fine evening at the Barcelos Ikeja GRA. It was my escape route to try and calm my nerves after finding out my four-year-old boyfriend got a local girl from Ibadan who ran a video store pregnant. I was not sure of my reaction, but I made the decision to forget about it. So I toast the bastard.

Looking in my mirror and trying to floss after the “veri peri” chicken I just devoured I saw this handsome black dude with an afro look at me from the corner of the mirror and wink , I couldn’t be bothered. They were all the same, I frowned in disgust as I put the mirror back in my bag and stood up until I felt someone drag me to the sofa and sit next to me.

More Veri Peri chicken? Five nights in a row

How does it look on you, are you stalking me?

I noticed that you also like Coca Cola. They should make you their brand ambassador.

Now this guy had guts. prevent me from chatting? At this point I had lost him I asked to be excused and then he said

I love your eyeballs they are really white and shiny
Thank you“I mumbled”Can I go now?

Noooo until you tell me if you wear contact lenses and why you came here to eat the same thing five nights in a row “

Was he intentionally speaking in that sexy drawl? Eeeish it gave me goosebumps. Now there was something in his voice. Firm, but calm and it relaxed me. And then we started to talk!

It was the start of our friendship. We met up at a karaoke bar that night and realized we liked the same songs. We sang and danced a lot before we went our separate ways.
That night I slept so well, better than I had in a long time, knew nothing about him, not even his name, other than the fact that he made me laugh and feel really comfortable overnight. I dreamed about him and found it confusing. I woke up super excited I put my A game to work but at lunch I was very restless that’s when I knew I had to see him again but had to think about it .

I entered Barcelos a week later and found him there just as I prayed. My face lit up with a warm smile when I spotted him and he smiled back at me.
Why did you make me wait? I’ve been here for a week hoping you show up.

I smiled without saying a word, my delay tactic worked. Seeing him again, I felt the peace inside so I decided to let my guard down and let it go. Let love take its course. So I became a friend’s fiancee after he proposed three weeks later on my birthday. Four months later, we were walking down the aisle saying our vows in front of family and friends as husband and wife.

Did I hear you say a quick courtship?

Oh yes! But we both knew what we wanted and that was to spend the rest of our lives together amid all the many feuds we had. So there was no point wasting time. Back in the present, I was so full of emotions that I smiled and cried as I watched Adedayo try to sing to his twin sisters in the cot, the dream I had had on the first day we met. ‘was achieved. God proved supreme in giving us an extra outside of the two we had planned. I had everything and even more; God, motherhood, marriage, love and a wonderful family.

“Ayilevi Abimbola I love you and you are the best decision I have ever made, you feel the field that the Lord has blessed, I looked into his eyes knowing it was so sincere…. Adetola Abimbola I t love more, my cedar of Lebanon. “

Two are better than one,
Because they get good feedback for their work.
If someone falls, their friend can help them get up.
But pity the man who falls and who has no one to help him get up.
Ecclesiastes 4: 9-10.

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Okegbenro Aramid is an artist with a creative mind. She writes to educate, inform and entertain, believing that anyone can teach!

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