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By Aundre Reed (credit: Hannah Foslien / Getty Images)

Editor’s Note: Vikings sophomore DE D’Aundre Reed will share the ups and downs of being in the NFL for this one-season draft – from working for more playing time, to just getting used to Minnesota.

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For the inaugural diary entry, let’s just start with “Who is D’Aundre Reed?

That is, let’s learn more about the soft-spoken giant who can make backflips that easy.

With six siblings, the 24-year-old from Moreno Valley, Calif., Enjoys having his own space – no curious roommates – in downtown Minneapolis.

But that’s not to say the sophomore pro isn’t excited about a possible family time this weekend, as the The Vikings face San Francisco at noon on the grounds of the Mall of America.

Full audio interview of diary entry # 1

“They are a big part of me,” he said, as his mom and dad both work in real estate. “I’m actually trying to get them to come here this weekend. I just put down the tickets.

The 6-foot-4, 261-pound defensive end was a seventh-round pick for the Vikings in 2011 – 215th overall – after passing five years in Arizona. He spent the 2011 season inactive.

Sharing his time with two other talented advocates has taught the Sociology major a little patience. Playing for Minnesota is no different, being behind players like Jared Allen and Brian robison.

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“Any chance you have to come out, take the opportunity to record it, because the band is not lying,” he said.

The violence of football also deepened his faith.

“With this game you see the emotional ups and downs, and the guys get hurt,” he said. “Trusting God and knowing that I’m on his plan no matter what – he gives me peace of mind. It’s a lot of pressure to go out and play every day.

With a 35-inch vertical jump, the Scouts saw Reed as a “project” from the NFL combine – an athlete who just came from. needed to hone his raw talent.

So while his soccer goals are straightforward right now – racking up a sack, having played five games against Jacksonville and four games in Indianapolis – he is aware of a post-professional football life.

“I can pursue real estate with my parents and do graphic design as well,” he said. “I was playing around with (graphic design) yesterday in my spare time. “

When not in Winter Park, he feeds his fix of Thai food. Roat Osha, Lotus, King & I – you name him, and he probably tasted their cuisine.

Few people enjoyed the warm winter of last year more than the native of the Sun Belt. And when the snow falls, you can find reed games inside.

“I’m going to be playing Xbox with my buddies at home – ‘Call of Duty’, ‘Halo’ and ‘Gears of War’,” he said.

And finally, what brings Reed from point A to point B? A beloved Jeep SRT8.

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“It’s 420 horsepower, and it’s four-wheel drive for the winter,” he said. “When the family arrives, I don’t have to worry about pushing them behind the back.”


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