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If your organization’s strategy needs an overhaul, or if you just want to empower yourself and adopt better habits in the future, the bullet journal may be the tool you need. Part useful planner, part diary, part meditation, creator Ryder Carroll conceived the bullet journal as a way to manage his own ADD in an era when there weren’t many tools that worked like his brain. did.

“Rather than trying to take notes like everyone else, I tried to figure out how to organize and sort information, the way my mind works,” says Carroll. “Every once in a while I would find a way to make things a little better, focus on those things, and refine those tools and techniques until I finally found the ones that were still effective.” His groundbreaking strategy spawned a book, website, and community of supportive participants who share strategies, design tips, and their own twists and turns on using the method.

Bulleted logging is endlessly customizable, with as many customization options as there are users. “Bullet Journaling is always about function rather than form,” Carroll explains. “It doesn’t matter what your bullet journal looks like. It’s all about how it makes you feel and how effective it is in directing you to the things that matter to you.” Whether you’ve just bought your first bujo or are looking for inspiration to make yours even more effective, we’ve put together some awesome bullet journal ideas. Just take what you need and leave the rest – that’s the essence of the bullet journal.


Set the tone with a monthly broadcast

Start the month off on the right foot with a double page spread that lets you see the entire term at a glance. This concept, from Diary of a Journal Planner, has a calendar-style block for daily appointments, as well as boxes for goals and priorities to really dig into what needs to be done.


Note your sleep patterns

Those of us who don’t sleep well know how important sleep is for everything. Using your bullet journal to keep track of how much sleep you sleep helps you notice patterns that emerge. This adorable design by Masha Plans makes it fun.


Stay tuned with a TV show tracker

In this golden age of TV streaming, it can be difficult to keep track of what you’re watching. Use this bullet journal mailing idea created by Life by Whitney to master your viewing schedule. You will never have to wonder what to watch next again.


Celebrate with a birthday page

If you’re the type of person who always drops by the drugstore to buy a gift on the way to the party, then you need this adorable birthday tracker idea from Masha Plans. Adjust the size or number of balloons to fit more birthdays in a given month or depending on how many months you need. Don’t forget to add yours!


Use your Bujo for meal planning

A little meal planning will keep you from panicking about what’s on for dinner, and your bujo can help you keep everything in one place. Create a graphic to plot each day’s menu, then paste Post-It notes with your shopping list on the page. When you go to the store, the Diary of a Journal planner recommends that you bring the sticky note with you, so you don’t forget anything.


Highlight your annual goals

This graphical visualization of Masha Plans goals works especially well at the start of a new year. Sit down and think about what you want to work towards in 2020, then represent it artistically. Drawing it will encourage you to really ponder your aspirations, and you’ll be more likely to watch it if it’s visually pleasing.


Think outside the box with a circular design

While cute bullet journal styles abound, circle day trackers are both gorgeous. and useful. This one from Life by Whitney breaks your entire day into manageable chunks of time so you can see what’s going on and when. But you don’t have to stop there. Circles also work well for weekly, monthly, habit, or mood follow-ups.


Remember happy thoughts

These days, we all need every bit of happiness we can get. Sometimes, however, it’s hard to remember what brings us joy. Use your bullet journal with this idea from Masha Plans: create a page with cute little pictures of things that make you smile. If you’re not an artist, just consider writing down your happiness boosters and using stickers or Washi Tape to make it look pretty instead.


Track your year in pixels

Mood trackers can give you insight into how you are feeling, which in turn can help you identify hot spots to help you stay in control of your mental health. This comprehensive Year in Pixels Diary of a Journal Planner page helps you do just that.


Your BuJo helps keep it clean

Think of this Masha Plans cleaning page as your motivation to do these hated tasks on a regular basis. Since you can break it down into segments for daily, weekly, and other regular chores, it helps you stay on top of even infrequent tasks like cleaning the oven or dusting light fixtures.


Be specific with a goal grid

Whether you’re looking forward to finishing your studies, completing a big project at work, or getting in better shape, a goal grid like this from Life by Whitney will help you visualize those goals. Organize your goals over the time period that works best for you in the form of a star, then break each step down into smaller steps on the opposite page.


Keep your meditation practice on track

The benefits of meditation are well documented, but when our lives are busy, a regular practice is sometimes given up. With a bullet journal page like the whimsical one in Masha Plans, you can remain responsible for finding the time to focus.


Take it out with a brain dump

Sometimes we have so many thoughts swirling around in our head that it’s hard to focus on anything else. Use this Diary of a Journal Planner brain dump page to declutter your mind and shine a light on everything to better organize your world.


Keep your skin under control

It seems like we have more skin care options than ever before, but the more products you add to your routine, the harder it is to stay straight. Masha Plans created this gorgeous skin care page to do just that. Consider using a similar page to illustrate other self-care techniques like meditation, exercise, or your favorite hobbies.


Develop a strategy with the blocking of time

If you’re struggling with your to-do list (who doesn’t?), Try this simple bullet journal idea from Diary of a Journal Planner. Rather than trying and failing to multitask, your bujo can help block out periods of time to focus on a task. You will be amazed at everything you do.


Set goals and stick to them! – in your BuJo

Don’t wait until the clock strikes midnight on New Years Eve to set goals for the year or even the month. Creating a graphic page like this from Masha Plans gives you motivation at a glance, but even writing down what you want to accomplish in the weeks or months to come will help.


Hack your spring cleaning (or anytime!)

Keep your spring cleaning list tidy with this bullet journal released from Diary of a Journal Planner. List cleaning supplies on a tear-off Post-It, notes on what needs to be done, specific cleaning tasks, and decluttering projects, all in one aesthetic place.


Don’t sweat this workout page

If you are devoting yourself to a new fitness program, stay on track with this workout page from Masha Plans. Self-care pages like this can help you stay committed to your goals, as completing them adds extra motivation to stick with them.


Sort your mail with BuJo

This Harry Potter-themed mail tracking page works especially well for people who send or receive a ton of postal mail. People with Etsy or clothing resale businesses or particularly active online shoppers try this bujo idea.

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